ARTISTS & BENEFACTORS PROGRAM 2015-04-03T13:59:47+00:00

Our new fund-raising program that supports our artists while supporting nfwfwf. 

Artists & Benefactors is an exciting and creative fund-raising program that will benefit our member artists while providing an on-going source of income to nfwfwf through the collaborative interaction of artists, art lovers, and contributing members.

Artists & Benefactors is an opportunity to connect our extraordinary group of creative talents with members who are interested in puchasing art. 60% of each sale will go to the artists and 40% to nfwfwf.

Throughout the year the program will be online on this website and will offer several general membership events including gallery shows and studio tours. Registered Artists and Benefactors will also have special get-togethers to view work and get to know each other.

Artists & Benefactors is a win, win, win… for the artists, the benefactors, and for nfwfwf. Join in! Click here to learn more about participating as an Artist, a Benefactor, or as both.

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