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A Message From the President

NFWFWF President Kathleen Bresnan‘The Women’s March.’ ‘Repeal and replace.’ ‘Nevertheless, she persisted.’ These are a few examples of the 2017 rhetoric that has been in the news, echoing daily and affecting us directly. Feminism, health care, and misogyny are ringing in our ears. Our community must stay strong and support each other.

Our “health” in all forms remains NFWFWF’s primary objective. Indeed, this last year we have made grants supporting emotional, dental, and medical health. HelpHer has provided transportation to medical appointments and guidance has been given as members moved from hospital to rehabilitation facilities. In addition, we continue to fund Life Alert buttons so members can remain independent.

What becomes clearer to me daily is that there is more to health than aches and pains and medical visits. Health includes exercise and physical activity, sensible eating, human interaction, friends, fun and staying connected. In each of these healthy endeavors NFWFWF keeps our membership in mind as we work to stay as well as we are able. That said — our founding community is aging. We need to regenerate if we want to live on as an independent organization. Yes, that means some change, nonetheless I am confident that we are on the right path forward.

NFWFWF is the glue that keeps our community together. As 2017 nears it’s close, I hope you will consider donating to our Annual Appeal. Your tax-deductible support provides the resources to fund grants to women who need our assistance in this uncertain time. To donate, you can easily complete the attached donation form or mail a check made out to NFWFWF to:

NFWFWF, PO Box 804, Greenport, NY 11944

I am proud of the current Board on many levels, for without their time and commitment to our membership NFWFWF would likely cease to formally exist as an organization. This past year the Board has self-funded several of our events ranging from the Founders Award to Gay Pride. Every member of the board has committed to donate to our 2017 Annual Appeal. We hope you will join us by donating as well. The grants we are able to make to our sisters in-need depend upon support from all of us. I know your donations make a difference in the lives of grantees because the individuals that receive the grants tell us so.

In a society that seems poised to remove some of the social safety nets that are presently in place, more than ever NFWFWF needs to remain as a steady resource to lesbians on the North Fork. I wish everyone a Happy Holiday. Please know I am thankful for your support.

Kathleen Bresnan,
NFWFWF President