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The Edie Windsor Memorial

For those that were unable to attend the memorial service for Edie Windsor, Temple Emanu-El has made the service available to watch through their video recording.

Since the recording is over two-hours, an index of the time the speakers appeared is shown. Please note that it is worth your while to carve out a bit of your busy day to listen to all of those who eulogized Edie. Each person brings their own emotion, humor, history and inspiration to what Edie stood for. Please watch, enjoy and remember.

Watch Edie’s Memorial

Edie Windsor Memorial
Video Highlights

  1. 37:30 Service starts
  2. 40:00 Karen Sauvigné gives acknowledgements
  3. 42:50 Judith Kasen-Windsor speaks
  4. 49:40 First cousin Sunny Baron Freeman speaks
  5. 52:26 Louis Freeman (son of Sunny) speaks
  6. 57:15 A quartet of musicians from the Lesbian + Gay Big Apple Corps play a tribute
  7. 1:04:00 Marge Sherwin & Rose Walton read “Still I Rise,” a poem by Maya Angelou
  8. 1:08:50 Karen Sauvigné speaks
  9. 1:18:00 Hillary Clinton speaks
  10. 1:33:25 Singer sings “Hallelujah”
  11. 1:38:25 Michael Adams of SAGE speaks
  12. 1:48:00 Roberta Kaplan speaks
  13. 2:03:00 Dr. Nathan Goldstein and Dr. Roseanne Leipzig offer prayer
  14. 2:07:40 “Over the Rainbow” is sung
  15. 2:11:15 Service ends
Edie Windsor