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Anne MacKay

Anne MacKay

The NFWFWF Anne MacKay Memorial Scholarhip was created in 2012 following the death of Anne MacKay, an established NFWFWF member and supporter. Ms. MacKay was a vested Orient resident who was a teacher, author, poet and sailor. The scholarship seeks to honor students who reflect Ms. MacKay’s eclectic and diverse life and embody her commitment to education, diversity and inclusion.

The award is one of the largest privately funded scholarships available to graduating seniors on the North Fork of Long Island. Candidates are required to submit an application along with an essay describing a personal experience or episode that best reflects the applicant’s commitment to enhancing diversity and inclusion in their community.

It will will be given annually to a deserving North Fork public high school senior from either Riverhead, Shelter Island or Southold townships with a preference going to those first in their family to go to college.

A scholarship program is a wonderful way to honor Anne MacKay, whose legacy of teaching and mentoring has touched many of us throughout the years. The scholarship also helps NFWFWF be more visible and active in the greater north fork community. NFWFWF is the fiscal sponsor of the fund and receives an annual administrative fee to manage the fund. An independent committee raises money specifically for the fund and no money raised for NFWFWF programs is utilized to support the scholarships. You can donate to the Anne MacKay Scholarship Fund clicking the button below.

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