Who can apply for a grant from NFWFWF?

Only NFWFWF members are eligible for financial assistance. A NFWFWF member is a self-identified lesbian who resides full-time or seasonally in one of the following 3 townships:

  • Southold Town
  • Riverhead Town
  • Shelter Island Town

What kind of healthcare grants are available from NFWFWF?

There are two kinds of grants available through NFWFWF:
Healthcare Grants and LifeLine Grants

  • Healthcare Grants: Funds are available to NFWFWF members for out-of-pocket medical expenses such as mammograms, other diagnostic tests, annual physicals, health insurance co-payments, dental and eye care, physical therapy, medication, and more.
  • LifeLine Grants: Funds are available to NFWFWF members for assistance in paying for LifeLine medical alert service and equipment.

How to apply for a NFWFWF Grant

  • If you would like to apply for a NFWFWF grant fill out both pages of the Grant Application completely. You can get a Grant Application by clicking here. 
  • Make sure to indicate if you are applying for a Health Care grant or a LifeLine grant by filling out Step 1, part B. If you have any questions about completing the application call us at 631-477-8464 or send us an email by clicking here.
  • After completing the application, return it to NFWFWF as follows:
    • Email the completed form to NFWFWF to admin@nfwfwf.org, or by clicking here, or
    • Mail it to: NFWFWF, Att: Grants Chair, PO Box 804, Greenport, NY 11944

Click the image for a fill-in grant application.